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Maintenance is beneficial, if not crucial

Posted by Dan Mitchel on

3D printers are similar to cars, they require some maintenance.  Regular maintenance certainly helps to maintain the performance and perhaps prolong the life of the printer.  Everything gets worn out, gears, belts, nozzle, hotend, spring, everything.  

If you notice your print quality is getting bad, print fails more often or other symptoms, perhaps it is time for a tuneup.  In Plas3D lab we test very batch of our filaments on different printers.  We find that regular maintenance helps our printers in good working order.

Below are a few simple things we suggest to do regularly.

  • Check if the frame is sturdy, if you have a DIY kit
  • Check belt tension, adjust appropriately.  Belt should not be loose.
  • Check nozzle condition, clean up the debris or replace with a new one.  Here is the YouTube video showing how to clean a dirty nozzle.
  • Check cable connections if possible
  • Replace the PTFE tube as needed.  Here is the YouTube video.
  • Check filament loading gear to make sure it is well aligned so it grabs and pulls filament at its best.  Clean the debris on the filament loading gear.
  • Lubricate the axles as needed
  • Check build surface to make sure it is nice and clean
  • Recalibrate your printer, check bed leveling
  • Run a test print


Hope it helps!  Happy printing!