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We repair and service all open source FFF printers including Ultimaker, MakerBot, PRUSA, Raise3D, FlashForge etc.  

Fast turn around!

One Stop Solution - Repair, Upgrade, Maintenance and Filaments


We repair all open source 3D printers including Ultimaker, MakerBot, PRUSA, Raise3D, FlashForge, Creality, Zortrax, TierTime, CraftBot etc.  


We do performance upgrade on 3D printers, start from as small as a hardened nozzle, metal hotend, stepper motor, belt, build plate up to  MMU. 


3D printer requires regular maintenance. It deteriorates gradually. We can help you to restore its performance. Don’t wait until it fails, contact us and schedule an appointment.

Keep your 3D printer in best shape. Don't compromise on print quality.

Customer Centric

Your priority is our priority! Our highly skilled staff will get the repair done as promised, on time!

We treat your printer like ours! All repair jobs will be done in professional manner. You will not be disappointed with the quality of our work.


Your satisfaction means a lot to us. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions. Our professional staffs will answer your questions.

3D Printer Filament

We offer materials include PLA, PETG, Carbon PETG, ABS, Nylon, ASA etc. Fast shipping average 2-4 days. Local pick up is welcome. 

Email us at info@plas3d.com for availability